Friday, October 16, 2009

what does your aura look like?

I took this fun(?) personality quiz at a website... random... it's kinda sappy, i know but IDC...

(Question) : What's your personality like?

(Selected answer) :I don't know... It's all just so confusing and I wish I could understand the world better
(Real answer) : What a question.. I wouldn't spend 5 minutes of my life answering this if I know what my personality like...

(Q) : Favorite season?

(SA) : Don't know
(RA) : I haven't even finished my 1st autumn yet!!

(Q) : Favorite colors?

(SA) : Purple
(RA) : Corny... Does my fav color really have something to do with this quiz?

(Q) : How would you react if you found out your best friend was planning a huge prank on you?

(SA) : I'd avoid the area that the prank would take place in and give him/her a second chance.
(RA) : I would plan another giga big prank so that the curse backfires... (evil laugh)

(Q) : Are you a friendly person? Will you message me?

(SA) : I don't know, do you consider yourself a good person?
(RA) : Give me 1 gud reason why would i do that...


Troubled Sky (Prague's sky?)

You are the sky before a storm (whoa, hyperbola sungguh), or a clear blue sky surrounded by dark clouds all around (hujan + ribut petir?). Your life seems perfect on the outside (huh?), but closing in is a fate you're unsure of (unsure fate, unsure destiny... like that... nobody's sure about their fate anyway.. no biggie..) You're most likely troubled (it's "most likely", and i'd say that i'm not) and though you think you are over something, there might be darkness (Darth Vader slash Voldermort) just on the horizon (hehe... cam tajuk TOK essay). Personality-wise (grin), you're probably a generous (yep, with my choc balls) and fun person with a dark secret (erk?) that keeps you awake at night. (i'm not that disturbed, thanks)

Note : Since thiz quiz puzzled me and brought me to the start point all over again, i'd rather go with Virginia Andrews e book... No anat, histo, latin, czech language @ biophy for today...

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