Tuesday, March 20, 2012

of bunga telur and bally shoes

fuh fuh fuh (tiup sawang-sawang yang bersawang di laman sesawang ini)
assalamualaikum wbt

hi, hello, dobry den, and good day fellas!!!
(kini saya kembali setelah setahun berhibernasi daripada dunia penulisan.. eheh, rase macam self proclaimed celebrity pulak.. =p)

setahun berlalu, apa yang berubah?
banyak...... but let's save them for the next topic, shall we?

so mengapakah setelah setahun menyepi diri, cik diyana memulakan entry baru beliau dengan tajuk kontroversi sebegini?
who remembers the title above? (raise your hand, peeps, if you do)

anyways, for those who remembers, you guys are surely awesome nerds (and that, includes me, coz even after 10 years, i still remember the story)
for those who don't, do not feel sad just because you can't remember, but be glad because you just experiencing the symptoms of normal physiological process, called ageing.. XD

okies, back to the main topic..
well, as now i'm about 21 years 11 months 14 days, i'm about to enter the new era.. era of BIG TWO TWO..
sekarang ni banyak members yang dah kahwin, baru kahwin, plan nak kahwin etc...
no,no peeps.. i don't have any problem at all with all this people with marriage issues..
lagi suka adalah, sebab membina masjid, meramaikan umat nabi...
the only thing that i hate is that the fact that i cannot join the kenduri/celebration.. (melepas makan nasi minyak orang kahwin.. it's been more than 3 years... *cries*)

so what leads me to talk about this marriage thingy?

well, i had this conversation with my friend about marriage: whom to marry, when to marry, preparations yada yada..

this friend of mine ni ade somebody someone yang basically study the same course ngan die, n study kat tempat yang sama ngan die (and don't ask who! korang bukan kenal pun... btw let's call her miss A)

A told me about her and and noticed that i seemed a little bit displeased(?)..
but seriously i'm not being jealous or anything (okay, a little, i admit.. (-_-)"),
but hey, sape x cemburu bile tgk kawan2 dah start proceed to the next stage of life? mesti ade, walaupun sedikit..
but of course, tak lama.. why? because i have friends with me, whom will always be there with me, come hell or high water.. (insert MJ's "i'll be there" here)... okay girls, group hug please, group hug... \(^^)/

long story short, A asked me if anything gonna change between her and people around her if she changes her status from single to marrried. basically she talks about how her friends la..

initially i answered her question, playfully, but as i talk, the discussion gets real..

i told her that if my close friend gets married, something will change for sure..
for an instance (and indeed, i only gave her one example), her world will not only revolves around her family and girlfriends, but her other half too (the Mister Husband).. her centre of attention will be changed...

and i found myself giving a very weird analogy, but it served the purpose well..

"kalo dulu kitorang yang kawan-kawan ko ni jadi matahari kat tengah cakerawala ni.. lepas ko kahwin, kitorang ni jadi planet-planet je.."
and she ROFLed.. (okay, i was exagerrating)..

well peeps, basically this entry has nothing intellectual.. just want to ramble (publicly) after one year abandoning my lovely sanctuary..

to A, be grateful because you are the reason for my re-blogging activity..
insyaAllah, next entry will be more interesting, and informative, and lots of story.. =)

p/s : btw A, kalo kitorang jadi planet-planet pun x apa lagi, janganlah jadikan kitorang ni asteroid atau komet ye.. XD