Friday, June 11, 2010

7 visas, 1 tree, 1 hill

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Last Wed (9th June 2010), the tenants of Apartment *, Karlovo Namesti ** went to renew their visas. They went out at 5.00++ am (o_o), boarded the tram 54 (if i'm not mistaken, but the most important thing is it was a NIGHT tram) and arrived there at about 6.00 am.. [Well fellas, I know this is a report-like post, beats me]
They queued for about 2 hours (standing in lineS) JUST to wait the Foreign Police Office to open at 8.00 am, and queued for another 1 hour (approx) in that office JUST to get their numbers.
2 of them (Bon-Yang and Hoeny Bee) spent a good time went back to Praha 2, to obtain student confirmation letter from the Student Affairs Department (SAD), whilst the remaining fellas (5 osob) waited in silent, praying so hard that they can make it through. [They made a friend with a Cambodian guy who studies in Charles Uni too, archaeology, perhaps?]
They [the 5 fellas] had their brunch at the bench outside the office, with their umbrellas opened. Those Czech people stared with wonder at them as the Czechs never use umbrella for shielding them from sun. [Well, we are already tan enough, you people! No need for sunbathing..]
After having such delicacies made by one of them (the Pawang), 4 of them (Teletubbies, Mai-mon and Kak Long - including Pawang) went for a walk, just to kill the time. Ned-Mon couldn't join their company because she had a stomachache. They walked, walked, walked, walked.. After they walked, they walk again, and again, and again.. And suddenly :

Teletubbies : Hey, let's go to the small hill!
The rest : (Stared at Teletubbies, unblinked.)
Teletubbies : We are looking for a grocery shop, right? We can see lots of them from up there!
The rest : (Continue to walk)
Kak Long : Look! A shop!
Teletubbies : Buy anything you wish. It's on me..
Kak Long & Pawang : (grin)

They bought 1 juice, 1 chips (original) and another chips with onion and garlic flavour.

This is the HIGHLIGHT. They went up the small hill, found a cozy place to lie down, and found themselves drowned in a not-so-deep-sleep-but-still-satisfying for about 3 hours.

The only tree on the so-called HILL.

Take a closer look.. They slept peacefully for about 3 hours under the shades.

Ignoring passers-by (not in the pic) that stared at them, wondering if they are bunches of homeless people..

[Sometimes being abroad make you don't care much about what people think about you, as long as it makes you happy. Cut out the piercing-stares, the pointless murmur or critics. BUT!!!! Always remember tha you represent the 3 M's : Muslim, Malay, Malaysian]

MUSLIM : Do not live as an illusion Muslim, but a true one. in and out. [MASUK ISLAM SECARA KESELURUHAN - 2:208)
MALAY : Do not forget your root; of who you were, and who you are. (You are a Malay, not Malayalam whatnot).
MALAYSIA : Malaysia Boleh! yeah right, but look out for the do's and dont's..

(report, continued:)
They succeeded in making the visa renewal at 4.00 pm (it took almost 11 hours to complete it, but we still thanked God for making it possible for us). And owh, the Cambodian guy was nowhere to be found.. 0_o

Yang benar,

Pardon for the grammar error.. Dah lame tak buat karangan, dah lama tak bercakap bahasa inggeris, duk bantai cakap melayu je (bahasa czech sikit2)


  1. salam didi.. wawahh.. menariknya pengalaman visa korang.. patutla maira cakap korang siap tido2 lagi bawah pokok! hehehe :)
    all the best exam ye :)

  2. thx kak rusna~! :)

    hisyh dyorg ni mmg..