Sunday, June 6, 2010

For Bon-Yang

Assalamualaikum wbt..
New look on my blog.. Refreshing, ey?
Thanks to a certain someone (Bon-Yang) of my house.. *wink*
That person "tacap" my blog, that it comes out like this..
Arigatou, komawo, dekuju moc, thanks!!!

Honestly, I'm pretty lousy at blogging.
I don't know how to edit the layout (wait, I do know some basic stuffs, does it count?), and I have bad taste in choosing the background, etc as well.
Not to mention the grammar errors etc.. (My English 1119 teacher will surely chase after me when she sees how I've become a grammar-butcher).
I have lots and lots to say and write when I'm not in front of my lappy, but when I am about to write a post, all words are gone.. Result --> piles of drafts that are waiting to be published.
Thank god this post made it's way through.
Blogwalking? No.
This is me --> The world's lousiest blogger
Okay, I was a bit exagerrating.. Cut it out now.

This post is made for that someone (Bon-Yang), who claims that she did this to release her tension (a unique way of doing it, but beneficial to others... XD)

Little deeds of kindness,
Little words of love,
Brings the Earth to happiness,
Like the Heaven above.

Thanks Bon-Yang.. Kak Long sayang Bon-Yang... XD


  1. Diyana,


    anyways,neni was my pleasure entirely. :)
    and,no there is no such thing as a world's lousiest blogger or whatnot.there is no "standard"; as long as you're happy.this is your're free to do as you please.this is just an extension of your personality.


  2. baru ingat nk teka sape bon yang...

  3. shafa : haha... tau xpe shafa.. ak pnye la nak cover utk die SIAPAKAH BON-YANG.. last2 die sndiri yg mngaku....
    bon-yang : kak long still syg bon-yang.. XD

  4. shafa,klu shfa xtau shafa teke siape ek? *curious*