Friday, November 6, 2009

Story of Bostwana + Greek + German labmates..

It's Fri again... (ketawa bahagia).. means tomorrow Sobota (Sat) n then Nedele (Sun)...
And Sobota + Nedele = weekend (huhu... heaven)

I used to dread Fri (up till now, i think), because i have Prof B first in d morning!! Histology can be an intriguing subject during lecture, n freaking subject during prac/seminars.. Prof B can be very unexpected n highly demanding... So it means :

No background reading = Suicide attempt
*ditambah pulak dgn spine chilling stories from sniors bout Prof B, scare my pants off...

But, cut out that Prof B part... The main focus here is the last prac class for this week.. Biophysic lab... The class starts at 2 pm, n exactly 2.11 pm Izyan n i went to the biophy building about 3 / 4 blocks away (dekat je ngan apartment).. N we arrived at the lab at 2.17 pm (after half walk n run though), n found 3 guys who are our labmates (they r not our groupmates though) working on the Hills catathermometer, ventilator etc, looking all tensed..

D - the Bostwana guy who looks tired all the time, but always greet Izyan n i whenever we meet him; "Hi ladies..."
K - the 18 yr old Greek guy who is fun loving (though i thought he is weird at the first place) n always have things to laugh about
J - the 19 yr old German guy who is super genius n helpful n cutie with unpredictable aura (sometimes cloudy sky n d other times as shining as bright sun ~ hyperbola, i know).. he'll just stare n won't start conversation unless u start it 1st, but when u do, he can be an interesting person to talk to ~ this is my generalization after 4 labs with him...

Okay, then Izyan n i were late n we were completely dumbfounded with the bioPHYSICS experiments when our labmates seemed to be out of mood. I thought, "whoa, tension is in the air.." n sat on chair near the working desk with Izyan, bewildered at the progress of the experiment. I felt like saying; "Excuse me, would somebody care to explain?" but of course i didn't (ye r, dh r dtg lmbt, sesedap oren je suruh org explain psl experiment, dlm prac book kan ade).. Even so, i somehow managed to ask D about the experiment... (Nsib baik hang ade D ooii)

Then of course Izyan n i (berapa byk izyan n i la~) discussed about their weirdness... n Izyan managed to "tegur" the Greek guy :

K : (Looking at Yan)
Yan : (Looking at K)
K : (Looking at Yan back)
Yan : (somehow managed to put some words together) Hey, you looked tired. Are you ok?
K : What? Tired? Me?
Me : (suddenly chipped in) Yeah, u don't laugh as usual, not making jokes either..
K : (Boyish grin) Owh, I had a headache..
Yan @ Me : (Frowned) Headache?
K : Yeah, overslept last night (laugh)
Me : (To myself ~ good, he's now back to himself)

Then i decided to "tegur" J ~ the German guy, when he was staring at my report sheets :

Me : J, u looked tensed.. (concern tone)
J : Owh, i got anatomy test next week.. Why did u asked me that?
Me : (casually) Well, u didn't speak much, n u didn't even say hi to us... (snyum sgaris)
J : (Raised eyebrow) I don't know that our relationship is that close...
Me : (felt like splashed with H20) (monolog : ayark.. did i said something wrong? i was just trying to be friendly)
Me : Urm.. We are (blinked) classmates.. (blinked twice) Groupmates... Er, (blinked thrice) labmates..
J : (smiled) Well, hi diyana...
Me : (ape lagi, sengih je la)

Bewilderment :
1. Did i asked the wrong question @ did i said something wrong?
2. Did the tests pressured him that much? EVERYBODY got anat test next week.
3 . Did i showed d ugly side of me? (saying something like "u didn't even say hi to us") as if i'm terhegeh2 nk berkawan ngan dia?

Someone told me that perhaps it's not their culture to be that friendly to strangers (stranger? i thought i'm a friend @ at least a labmate ~ which u supposed to acknowledge at least if u r courteous enough)..
But, in one way, i can see the differences between westerners n easterners ~ particularly malaysians, as well as muslims n non muslims... frankly speaking, the freshies x knal pun muka seniors sebijik2, but everytime we come across malaysian face (malay + chinese + indian), we'll smile n say hi n greetings.. n everytime we meet girls with hijab, we'll smile n exchange salams.. n sometimes we even shake hands, hugs n take pictures together (seriously, ukhwah between muslims sgt kuat di sini, although we are strangers to each other + we are minority community)... n we do say "dobry den" ~ goodday~ to our unknown neighbours n maintenace men who came to our apartment.. (x caye tanye qurratul ain, setiap kali pak cik "momento" dtg, mesti serve drinks punye)

Then i came to a conclusion : people come with all shades of grey, so we can't expect them to think like us.. especially when they r totally diferent from us.. But that's what makes life wonderful... =)

P/S : Proud to be a Muslim, a Malay n a Malaysian... (3M)

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