Friday, May 14, 2010

62 years..

Assalamualaikum wbt
Mind you, this is no poem, this is no song
Just the thing that pours from my mind in this early morning

Take note readers!!
1. Pardon for the poor vocabulary and grammar, I'm no good in English, but still trying to polish it
2. Make an insight about the intrinsic value (the content), not the extrinsic value (presentation) of this text.
There's more than what meets the eye.

It's 15th May
It's been 62 years
6 decades
Plus 2 years
Does anyone bother about it?
Does anyone even know what it's all about?

It's 15th May
Does it makes any difference to you?
Will it be another boring, insignificant day?
Will you be doing your normal routine
And then call it a day?

It' 15th May
In one part of the world, people both celebrate and mourn.
Strange enough, so contradict, aye?
The two overwhelming emotions in the very same place.

It's 15th May
Have we done anything to alleviate the pain?
Or are we just going to let it be,
claiming it's not our task to ponder or think?

It's 15th May
Let's escape for a while
From the world you thought you know
To the other dimension
Where you know it's existence
Yet you forgot about it, frequently

It's 15th May
And it's not too late
To forget about the pain
And learn from it
Rise with your head held high
Thinking about your people
Instead of yourself only

It's 15th May, the fated 15th May, the dreaded 15th May
Don't let others make us down in dismay
We might not in the same route
But never forget our root
Of who we are, and who we were
And why thing happens the way they happened

P/S : For those who have no idea about this poorly written text of mine, have a good look at this :

And ah, just another piece of mind
(from the book Sakinah - Sumber Ketenangan Hidup by A Ubaidillah Alias) :

Tiga nawaitu yang meletakkan keikhlasan dalam amal seseorang :
1. Beramal kerana menjauhi dosa dan takutkan azab neraka Allah SWT
2. Beramal kerana mahukan ganjaran pahala dan mengejar syurga-Nya
3. Beramal kerana mencintai Pencipta dan mengharapkan reda-Nya

This poorly written text is made to serve the purpose of reminding you people and me myself.
And I sincerely hope that this doing of mine falls in the 3rd category. Thanks a lot for those who read this post, TOGETHER with the link.
It's just a small part from me, the least that I can made for this while; reminding you and me.
And now it requires your part.

Biology in action!!
This is a poor analogy (but sorry I can't think of other at this time)
Remember the Electron Transport Chain reaction in mitochondria?
Electron = This reminder
Ubiquinone = Me
Cytochorome = You
Proton pumps = Our people
ATP = Result of this reminder

Spread the words around, you people!!

If a job is worth doing then it is worth doing well

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  1. huh. brilliant analogies :)
    jzkk for this reminder. buat la lagi ye poem2 yang best mcm tu :)