Saturday, June 30, 2012

emirates, tanah melayu and me

I bought the ticket yesterday.
I'm going back to tanah melayu tomorrow.

After went hunting high and low for ticket 
(even considered helsinki, seoul, beijing and hong kong as transit),
akhirnya ada jugak tiket emirates 
(the regular ones with transit in dubai)

The confirmation email 
(bragging here, because I'm a brat at heart)

Bukan sedikit orang cakap how fortunate i am to get the ticket for 800 euro in this peak season.
True, there could be a silver lining in my (dark?) cloud.

I was contemplating whether nak balik atau tak, and i said to kak alia that i'm scared my decision to go home for a while is not the right choice at the moment.
But kata-kata kak alia (as usual), left me with overwhelming feelings :
"Allah mudahkan awak untuk dapatkan tiket, Diyana, dengan harga yang murah pulak tu. Sedang kawan-kawan awak duk struggle cari tiket. It could only means that keputusan awak untuk balik tu adalah keputusan yang betul." 

I had a sharing session with kak alia (and few friends), and this video really pings my heart. Motivation for all hearts!

"Accept Allah as your Master, and accept yourself as a Slave" 
The second part is always the hardest one.

To Zizi 언니,  감사합니다  for the message. 
나도 사랑해요 =)

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